Mead is a premium brew: the result of adding honey and yeast to spring water results in a drink which is surprisingly refreshing, refined and satisfyingly complex. Our mead is sophisticated and elegant and will challenge your preconceptions.

Mead became a luxury item when industrialisation brought much cheaper sugar cane to Europe. This edged out the more labour intensive and, therefore expensive honey, but our mission at Longfield Mazery is to showcase this wonderful drink and ensure it gets the recognition that it justly deserves.

Our mead is a well-balanced and accessible quencher, ranging from the drier to the pleasantly sweet. It has a simple base, which shimmers on the palate whilst marbled layers of flavour follow. It's mouth-fee is similar to the best quality wines but without the acidity and tang.

We produce it in small, limited quantities, using the freshest seasonal ingredients, tended to with skill and attentive care. Each hand-crafted batch is individually labelled with the number and abv of that particular batch. This attention to detail underscores the fact that each bottle is a unique experience of harmonious flavours which slowly dissipate to leave the drinker completely satisfied with this delicious spirit.