Mr. Cox's Simple Mead (75cl)

Mr. Cox's Simple mead should have been the one that sarted it all off, but it was in fact the last and remains the most demanding member of the family..

Back in the days of running-shoe-smelling/mud-looking Mead experimentation - we emplore you, for the sake of your sanity do NOT try to make a peach and ginger mead..and put the dark chocolate down - a good friend of ours, who shall remain nameless.. suggested we just make plain, simple, 'show' mead. Many many versions later, we are proud to present Mr. Cox's show mead for your drinking pleasure. Cox's is made with a different yeast strain from our other Meads which, whilst more finicky to ferment is known to enhance honey characteristics. Rich and floral, this Mead is as close to just fermented honey and water as we can get.

Allergens: None


We use Fedex. An adult - someone over 18 years of age - will be required to sign for your mead on delivery, so someone is going to need to be in.

For the UK mainland, the price of delivery - £10.50 - is the same for 1-5 bottles. Delivery is FREE for your sixth and upwards!

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