Toffee Apple (75cl)

We admit that we're not the biggest fans of Cider - yes, we know - it's not you, it's us, but the combination of Apple and Honey is just too good for us to ignore. Longfield Mazery's Toffee Apple mead, made with cloudy apple juice rather than spring water, is different; buckets and buckets of appley caramel on the nose and palette, warming with a background of deep rich honey. This mead is quite a thing; replace a glass of port or sherry with a glass of this and enjoy with some strong cheese. Whilst the ABV is around the same as LfM's other delicious meads - which we urge you to try - the intensity here is dialled up to 11.

Allergens: None


We use Fedex. An adult - someone over 18 years of age - will be required to sign for your mead on delivery, so someone is going to need to be in.

For the UK mainland, the price of delivery - £10.50 - is the same for 1-5 bottles. Delivery is FREE for your sixth and upwards!

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