Mead is a brew of astonishing versatility: It has a felicitous quality of having at least one blend that will be a congenial companion to any and all social occasions, cuisines and seasons. Why not peruse our serving suggestions and feel free to upload and share any delightful new recipe, cocktail or pairing that you stumble across whilst discovering all the joys that Longfield Mazery mead has to offer.

Mr. Cox's Simple Mead

Our Mr. Cox's Simple Mead is a classic, pure honey wine. It is best served slightly chilled. Drink as a desert wine or long into the evening with friends.

Toffee Apple

Mead is wonderful as an aperitif, perhaps our Toffee Apple before dinner with olives and savory snacks or maybe with a rich, salty cheese after dinner. It is also great in cocktails at any time on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Raspberry & Almond

Raspberry and Almond is the perfect pudding wine. Sweet and fruity it compliments tart deserts wonderfully (see here for the recipe for the fruit compote)

Orange & Cinnamon

Made with candied orange peel, a touch of orange juice and toasted cinnamon to make a sweet, fruity and lightly spiced desert wine. Great cold or room temperature. Drink with desert or strong meats (goes wonderfully well with venison).

Our mead makes a wonderful ingredient in cocktails. Here are some of our favorites.

Raspberry Afternoon

Drink ice-cold in the summer or mixed. There is nothing better than a long glass of our Raspberry & Almond mixed 50/50 with lemonade and lots of ice.


Orange and Cinnamon mead with soda water, about 50/50. The soda takes the edge off the sweetness for those who like a drier summer drink. Add lots of ice for hottest afternoons (my wife's favorite)


Lfm Orange and Cinnamon (60ml), Orange Juice (30ml), Cointreau (15ml), Top with soda water and ice. Rich, deep, sweet and refreshing


Lfm Toffee Apple mead (50ml), Whiskey (use some good stuff - 50ml), dash of angastura bitters, ice cubes. Fantasic eveing drink.

Raspberry Rumble

Lfm Raspberry and Almond Mead (100ml), Gin (20ml - add more if you want it drier), Juice of half a lime, fresh or frozen raspberries, lemon balm to garnish